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I just want to start by saying I am a paranoid parent and have never left my kids with anyone other than family members. At two years old, I noticed my son had a bit of a speech delay and I wanted to see how he would communicate with other children. I needed something small and nurturing and the local pre-schools seemed too overwhelming for an over protective parent like myself. 


I was shocked how Miss Karen's home was transitioned into a preschool, it was clean, bright and inviting. My son immediately started playing and interacting with the other children. After meeting Karen and learning the policies/procedures of the preschool, I felt undoubtedly that my son would be safe. Miss Karen is very,  VERY patient and truly cares about the kids. She keeps you updated on what the child ate, how long they napped, and what activities they did each day. 


My son took a liking to her quickly! He couldn't say Miss Karen so he started to refer to her as "Honey." My son learned to share, communicate with other kids, sang songs (big deal for a speech delayed child), and was taught animals and the sounds they made and so much more...this IS a learning preschool! Miss Karen wrote down all the new words and sentences my son used daily so that I was aware that he was progressing and communicating with the other children. Miss Karen is not an SLP but her interaction with my son gave him confidence which improved his vocabulary and communication.


Miss Karen goes above and beyond to make sure that each kid feels special and loved. She became a part of our family and I HIGHLY recommend her and the preschool.


- Jessica P. & Family

I have known Karen since she began working at the Santa Clara Unified School District as a pre-school teacher. 


Karen has had my son in her pre-school class for the past two years. My son loves Ms. Karen and enjoys school mainly because of her. I attribute much of his academic and social development to her work with him.


As an elementary principal, I know that Karen has the qualities necessary for any position and job that she puts her mind to. Her desire to positively influence young lives is a tribute to her passion for children. I would highly recommend her for any teaching position.


- Robert M., SCUSD Elementary Principal

Although we toured a few preschools, we knew the moment we met Karen that she was a wonderful fit for our family. We wanted someone who was not only qualified, but was loving, nurturing, and sensitive to our needs and those of our children. Karen possesses all those qualities and so much more. She was always great at sharing our children's milestones and accomplishments, and handled any disciplinary issues with utmost respect towards our children.


Karen taught both our children many skills such as how to read and write, identify colors and shapes, counting and math. They also learned important social skills such as how to handle conflict, expressing themselves effectively, respecting others, sharing, etc. The children had a lot of fun in preschool, taking trips to the park, the library, water play, and doing lots of art.


We were initially worried when our older son started kindergarten that he would have a hard time transitioning from a small group setting into a class of over thirty children. We can say that, if anything, starting in a smaller setting gave him the opportunity to become a leader for the younger children which gave him the confidence that he needed once he started school.


Karen handled the potty training for our daughter, transitioned her to eating more independently, and learning how to do things such as putting her shoes and clothes on and cleaning up. By the time she was done with preschool, she was helping the younger children with tasks they were unable to do for themselves. She recently started kindergarten and has transitioned well.


Both our children have had such a positive experience from being under the care of Karen for over three years. We do not hesitate to recommend Karen to anyone who wants someone to take care of their child and love and take care of them as though they are her own. 


- Natsuko M. and Brian H.



My granddaughters have been under Miss Karen's care from the day she opened her in-home daycare. My granddaughters love Miss Karen and love going to her home and they never leave her home without running to hug her at the end of the day.  She is a great teacher and works with each child at their level and is aware of their talents and interests and designs their activities with that in mind. She provides the parents with a daily summary of what the child did while working or playing and lists what the child ate that day and when and how long they napped. 


The children have many outings and learn so much on their nature walks. There is a built in education in whatever they do. When she reads to them, it is very interactive.


All the children are truly her friends and they truly love Miss Karen. I have always felt good about leaving the girls in her guarded care. It has been such a positive experience and it is obvious that she loves what she is doing.


I can't imagine having a better, loving caregiver for my granddaughters. We are so grateful to Miss Karen.


- Dee O.

Our son attended Ms. Karen's program for two years between the ages of 3 1/2 and 5 1/2, and it was an outstanding experience. I think the most unique thing is simply how much Karen cares for each of the children, and she is really able to get to know all of the kids. She adapts each day's activities to the interests of the individual students and was able to teach letters, numbers, reading and writing to the older children. You can tell that the children enjoy it because more often than not it's a struggle to convince them to leave.


Ms. Karen is also very flexible in terms of accomodating the desires of the parents. She keeps the parents connected by taking quick photos with her smartphone and texting them to us when the kids are doing something special. (NOTE: she specifcally asked for our permission to do this and would respect any parent's request to not have their child's picture taken).


My wife and I both work full time so our son typically spent 40 hours (or more) with Karen per week. For us, she feels like an extension of our family, and she certainly has played an important role in our son's development.


We HIGHLY recommend Ms. Karen's preschool. 


- Rob S.

Making the decision to send our kids to Karen's school was one of the best decisions we have made. She exceeded our expectations and showed our girls so much with her patient and caring ways.


I cannot thank her enough for all she has done for our family.


-  Heidi W.

Our daughter first attended Miss Karen's Learn and Care as a somewhat shy and reserved four-year-old. The inclusive and caring environment Miss Karen cultivated there was apparent, as she quickly made friends and even started asking us to "stay just a little longer" everyday a pick up time. Our daughter graduated to kindergarten as a confident and outgoing little girl.


Miss Karen consistently provided fun and educational activities. Our daughter talked enthusiastically about trips to local parks, games, puzzles, art projects, and free play with her friends. 


We happily recommend Miss Karen to family and friends for their childcare needs.


- Eric and Pamela M.

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